Author: Dave Fernandez

What Is Estate Planning?

As a continuation of the Fee-Only Financial Advisor blog sharing group, this month’s post comes to us from Dave Fernandez, a Financial Advisor in Scottsdale, Arizona. He shares his thoughts on estate planning, and the documents you should consider having an attorney draft for you to complete your estate plan.   What is Estate Planning?   Most people aren’t too eager to tackle estate planning. Unfortunately, it is an issue all of us are forced to deal with at some point in our lives. It’s important to do the right thing for your spouse, significant other, children and loved...

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What you need to know about Medicare enrollment

One important area of planning for a successful retirement is to have adequate health care coverage. Health care costs have been escalating at over twice the rate of inflation for a number of years. For those wanting to retire prior to age 65, health care is typically one of the largest “bridge” expenses to cover until Medicare eligibility. For most people, their health insurance is provided through their employer. Or, if self-employed, they likely own a private health insurance policy. But once you reach age 65, you have the opportunity to transition to the federal government’s Medicare health care...

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How much will I pay for medicare premiums?

Note: Investors below age 65 may skip this assuming it does not apply to them or Medicare is too far away. Be aware that over time the portion of our national budget dedicated to entitlement spending for Medicare, Medicaid, Affordable Care, and Social Security is growing. As that portion of our budget grows, means testing is becoming more prominent. Many of those aged 65 or older with higher incomes are sometimes surprised at the amount they have to pay for Medicare medical insurance (Part B) and their Medicare prescription drug coverage (Part D). Most people didn’t realize Medicare started means testing in 2007 to determine your Part B premium....

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