Book Greg For A Money Strategy Session

If you’re nearly—or newly—retired and your portfolio is $500,000 or more I can help you retire rich and fearless!

My name is Greg and my passion is helping people retire rich and fearless! I’ve been a planner for about three decades now, and I’d like to put every minute of my experience to work helping you design and enjoy both a memorable—and purposeful—retirement.

When you schedule a Money Strategy Session with me you can expect a few things:

Zero Pressure

I never pitch or sell anything and only talk about myself or my firm if you ask me.

Straight Talk

I’ll give you my honest and unbiased advice on any financial, investment, or retirement question you ask me.

You'll Learn Something

Never have I done a session where someone hasn’t learned something new to improve their finances.

Why I Do Money Strategy Sessions for FREE

You’re probably asking yourself “Why would I spend the time if I’m not trying to “close” you as a client? For starters I enjoy what I do, I love helping people make smart retirement money decisions, and I know I can help you improve what you’re doing now.

Secondly, someday you may just need a fiduciary financial advisor like myself to help you navigate the retirement maze. You’ll hopefully remember me and reach out. Or maybe you know someone who’s ready for a new retirement planning experience, and you send them my way.

It's a WIN-WIN for both of us! You’ll learn something new that can help you maximize your retirement finances (and that in itself brings me joy), and/or maybe you or someone you know will need me one day.

Let Me Put My Experience To Work For You

I add the most value to my core niche clientele - those who are nearly—or newly—retired with an investment portfolio of $500,000 or more. If that sounds like you, and you’re curious about things like:

  • Roth conversions
  • Maximizing Social Security benefits
  • Avoiding the Medicare IRMAA penalty
  • Slashing your taxes by manipulating the tax code
  • Locating your investment assets properly to reduce your tax bill
  • Strategically distributing your income to reduce taxes
  • And just about everything else related to retirement planning