Get Competent and caring Retirement planning advice Anywhere with Our Online Financial Advisor Services

If you’re newly or nearly retired, like the convenience of video conferencing and the benefits of expert financial advice, we can help!

What keeps you up at night?

  • Dying broke
  • Missing the retirement you’ve dreamed of
  • Burying your family under your long-term healthcare costs

Or maybe you’re more worried about:

  • Slashing your lifetime taxes
  • Squeezing every dime from your investments
  • Prepping for the bad markets but thriving in the good markets
If you’re nearly or newly retired . . .

We can help!

Retirement planning is a complex thing. Taxes, insurance, Social Security, Medicare, estate planning, and of course smart investment management.

Every financial advisor provides “investment management”. Most just sell insurance or investment products and pretend it’s real portfolio management.

But that’s OK, their clients find and hire us daily!

We help people find financial and retirement peace every day with things like:

  • When can I retire?
  • Can I take that “bucket list” trip I’ve dreamed of?
  • Investing without worry of stock market gyrations
  • Strategizing the ultimate retirement income backup financing
  • And much, much, more!

And we can work with anyone!

It doesn’t matter who you are, only that you need and want help solving your money problems. We have several ways we can work with you in achieving your financial and retirement planning goals:

We can help you:

Online Hourly Financial Planner Services

Schedule an hourly financial consultation with us and come prepared! We need a list of your most pressing financial and investment questions and we’ll tackle them together, one-by-one.

Online Retirement ZOOmer Financial Planning

Schedule a one-time financial planning “event” where we’ll tackle your financial situation, dreams, and goals for the future. We’ll show you where you’re at, where you’re going, and ways to improve your financial and retirement results.

Online Ongoing Private Client Services

As a private client of Redrock Wealth Management, we’ll plan, prepare, orchestrate and manage your retirement finances. This includes everything on our client services calendar and the best part is we hold ourselves accountable with our semi-annual “Client Report Card” so you’ll know you’re getting the value-added you need for the best retirement possible!

Interested in discussing our financial, investment, and retirement planning services? Schedule a quick consultation call here and we can shed light on exactly what we do, how we do it, and if we’re the right fit to help you live the retirement of your dreams!

What’s the point of retiring if you’re plagued with anxiety and frustration after all?

Disgruntled with the brokerage world’s lack of care for clients, I founded the first fee-only CEFEX certified fiduciary wealth management firm in Las Vegas… Redrock Wealth Management in 2005. Today my team provides financial planning and investment management services for hundreds of clients both in Las Vegas and nationally through video conferencing.

Whatever your retirement worries or concerns, we can help! Schedule a quick call with us today to find the best way we can help you achieve the retirement of your dreams!

Frequently Asked Questions

How much do your online hourly financial planning services cost?

We charge $350 per hour with a minimum of one hour and subsequent hours are charged by the half-hour. Most clients find we answer all of their questions within one hour.

How much do your online financial planning “Retirement ZOOmer” services cost?

The Retirement ZOOmer is a 3 hour financial planning “event”. We charge $2,000 for a Retirement ZOOmer.

How much do your private client services cost?

Private Client Services vary depending on complexity, please click “Get Started Here” above for a custom quote.

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