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Hi I’m Greg, and thanks for visiting my blog Retirewire. My passion is helping people just like you prepare for retirement and ultimately retire with massive money confidence!

What’s the point of retiring if you’re plagued with anxiety and frustration after all?

Disgruntled with the brokerage world’s lack of care for clients, I founded the first fee-only CEFEX certified fiduciary wealth management firm in Las Vegas… Redrock Wealth Management in 2005. Today my team provides financial planning and investment management services for hundreds of clients both in Las Vegas and nationally through video conferencing.

We help people just like you through:

Hourly financial planning engagements

Project financial planning engagements

Ongoing retainer engagements

If you’re reading this, chances are you’re worried! Maybe you’re worried about dying broke… or facing massive late in life healthcare costs that could bankrupt your spouse!

Maybe you’re afraid of spending too much money… or possibly sacrificing quality of retirement life.

No matter what your financial worries or frustrations are, I’m here to tell you WE CAN HELP!

Book an intro call with me to the right. In a few minutes we can determine the best path towards helping you maximize every dime you have while never worrying about dying broke!

I’m looking forward to seeing that anxiety, worry, and frustration lifted off your shoulders as we work together on creating both a memorable, and purposeful retirement plan.