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Does this sound like you?

You just retired, or maybe you’re about to retire. You’re feeling pretty anxious (dare I say nervous) about your retirement finances. Once you retire you can’t “earn it again” after all! And who wants to go back to work as a door greeter at WalMart?

You’re probably thinking:

  • Will I outlive my money? Or leave too much behind...
  • Will I enjoy my dream retirement? Or be to scared of overspending...

You know the basics of retirement planning. You need more assets and income than expenses and liabilities. But it’s not that simple to pull together all of your expected retirement expenses.

  • What if I forget an expense?
  • What expenses are more “discretionary” and can be reduced if necessary?
  • Or better yet, what expenses are 100% required?

Planning your retirement finances is essential to enjoying the retirement you’ve always dreamed of . . . I call it retiring rich and fearless!

The retirement planning process is highly complex, and defining your future expenses with precision is a critical part of it. 

I’ve been a financial planner for nearly 3 decades, and the most common mistake I’ve seen is underestimating your retirement budget. In fact, that’s why I created the Retirement Budget Spreadsheet Template.

Wouldn’t you be ecstatic if you had a simple, free tool to help you work through the retirement budgeting process? The very same tool I use in my retirement planning process with clients?

The Retirement Budget Spreadsheet Template

I’ve spent decades tweaking and refining this simple-to-use excel spreadsheet template for retirement budgeting. The Retirement Budget Spreadsheet Template covers all of the basics you’d expect and a lot more!

  • Enter your expenses as an annual total, month by month, or a combination of both!
  • The most common expenses are already there (including several most retirees forget about), but you can enter additional expenses quick and easy!
  • And most importantly, separate your expenses by things you NEED to spend, things you WANT to spend, and things you WISH (or hope) you could spend!

The Retirement Budget Spreadsheet Template is a quick and easy excel worksheet. You can use it to create a comprehensive budget for retirement without stressing over how to make the template work, what expenses you may be missing, or whether you should enter them annually or monthly.

If you understand excel, you can probably build this template on your own. It will take several hours and a lot of google searching for various formulas. But you’re retired, or you’re getting ready to retire, and what’s the fun in spending hours in front of the computer creating what I’ve already built for you?

The Best Part Is This Spreadsheet Is FREE!

Simply click the button to “Get The FREE Budget Spreadsheet” and check your email. Within minutes you’ll have a professional retirement budgeting tool right at your fingertips!

Why is the Retirement Budget Spreadsheet Template FREE? I could sell this for a few bucks for sure, but I’d rather help more retirees live their dream retirement rich and fearless! That’s the whole reason I created RetireWire after all.

My passion is helping you enjoy both a memorable—and purposeful—retirement by putting my 3 decades of expertise to work for you. Over the years I've seen far too many otherwise well thought out retirement plans implode due to one simple thing - they underestimated their retirement budget. My Retirement Budget Spreadsheet Template will help you avoid that problem, and navigate your financial future.

So download the Retirement Budget Spreadsheet Template today! It doesn’t cost a thing, and I know you’ll love it! Over the next few weeks I’ll send you more helpful emails with other great retirement planning tips, tools, and tactics.




Enjoy, Plan, and Retire With Massive Money Confidence!