Are you wondering “Can I retire yet?” or maybe “When can I retire?”

While those are important questions to ask yourself—especially when learning how to prepare for retirement—perhaps the bigger question is “How long will I be retired?”

The calculator below will show you not only how long before you can retire, but how long you’ll actually be in retirement! If we had a perfect retirement countdown calculator it would know exactly when you’re going to die. If we knew that we could easily build you the best retirement plan possible that would accomplish all of your goals and dreams!

Unfortunately, no one knows when they’re going to die.

So while it’s fun to start playing with the retirement countdown calculator, you should focus more of your attention on how long you’ll actually be in retirement! Spending 20 or 30 years retired puts a whole new perspective on retirement budgeting, income, taxes, planning, investing and more!

Finally, the #1 retirement worry is running out of money! No one wants to move in with their kids and be a burden on them after all . . . I certainly don’t envision my retirement having my sons support me and you probably don’t either. So pay special attention to the length of time you’ll be retired and add a cushion of 5 or 8 years! With medical technology today, it’s entirely possible—if not likely—that we’ll be living into triple digits within the next couple of decades!

The average life expectancy in the US is 79.7
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