Retirement planning spreadsheet calculator

How much money do I need to retire?

My Retirement Planning Spreadsheet Calculator will help you answer exactly that! It will also help you answer:

  • Can I retire yet?
  • Will I die broke?
  • Am I ready to retire?
  • And a lot more!

The Retirement Planning Spreadsheet Calculator is part of my Retirement Planning Toolkit. There are several customizable assumptions built into the Retirement Planning Spreadsheet Calculator including:

  • Your current age and plan length
  • Your Social Security income
  • Your retirement budget
  • Your retirement income
  • Your assets by account type
  • Your tax rate assumptions
  • Your investment return assumptions
  • Your inflation assumptions
  • And a lot more!

Keep in mind this retirement spreadsheet calculator only scratches the surface! In reality, there is an infinite number of variables possible with you and your specific retirement situation.

For example, you should customize your Social Security benefits to maximize them. Consider Roth conversions to slash your taxes, and try modeling different investment plans to see which works best! 

Finally, the #1 retirement worry is running out of money! No one wants to move in with their kids and be a burden on them after all . . . I certainly don’t envision my retirement having my sons support me and you probably don’t either.

So pay special attention to the length of time you’ll be retired and add a cushion of 5 or 8 years! With medical technology today, it’s entirely possible—if not likely—that we’ll be living into triple digits within the next couple of decades!

Click below to Download the Retirement Planning Spreadsheet Calculator as part of my Retirement Mastery Toolkit: