Are you wondering “Can I retire yet?” or maybe “When can I retire?”

While those are important questions to ask yourself, especially when learning how to prepare for retirement, “Will I die broke?” is likely the most important question about retirement you’ll ever have!

The retirement planning spreadsheet calculator below will give you a quick glance if you’re wondering “Do I have enough money to retire?”

There are several customizable retirement planning assumptions built into this retirement planning spreadsheet calculator. Please review the “Notes” tab on the attached file.

Keep in mind this retirement spreadsheet calculator only scratched the surface! In reality, there is an infinite number of variables possible with you and your specific retirement situation.

Finally, the #1 retirement worry is running out of money! No one wants to move in with their kids and be a burden on them after all . . . I certainly don’t envision my retirement having my sons support me and you probably don’t either. So pay special attention to the length of time you’ll be retired and add a cushion of 5 or 8 years! With medical technology today, it’s entirely possible—if not likely—that we’ll be living into triple digits within the next couple of decades!

Retirement Planning Spreadsheet Calculator
The linked retirement planning spreadsheet calculator will provide you some basic guidance if you’re wondering “Can I retire yet?”