REtirement planning toolkit

My free retirement mastery toolkit will help you live your dream retirement!

These free tools will help you build your dream retirement plan AND live it with confidence!

How would you like to slash your tax bill, boost your investment returns, reduce your financial risk, and create a solid plan for retirement? My Retirement Mastery Toolkit will help with those things and more!

My Free Retirement Toolkit includes:

Key Financial Data Cheat Sheet

The Key Financial Data Cheat Sheet is jam-packed with tax, Social Security, investment, estate, and Medicare facts and figures. It’s a “must-have” quick financial reference guide for every retiree who wants to squeeze every last dime from their retirement!

Critical Retirement Dates & Deadlines

The Critical Retirement Dates & Deadlines is a cheat sheet of dates and deadlines every retiree must know! When are your required minimum distributions due? How much Social Security do you lose by claiming early? When is Medicare enrollment? It’s all in the Critical Retirement Dates & Deadlines.

Warren Buffet & Asterid Menks Case Study

The Case Study takes a typical nearly retired couple through the planning process including several tweaks and improvements which add hundreds of thousands of dollars to their retirement lifetime.

How To Find The Best Financial Advisor In 5 Steps

The How To Find The Best Financial Advisor In 5 Steps guide walks you through the process of finding the best financial advisor for your situation, investigating them, interviewing them, and hiring them.

Retirement Planning Quick Guide

The Retirement Planning Quick Guide teaches you how to prepare for retirement. I break down the basics you need to know into 3 steps: Learning, Planning, and “Trying retirement”. You’ll love it!

Retirement Planning Spreadsheet Calculator

The Retirement Planning Spreadsheet Calculator helps you to create a detailed retirement analysis and answer the most important question “Will I run out of money or will my retirement income be enough?

Retirement Budget Spreadsheet Calculator

I created the Retirement Budget Spreadsheet Calculator after 25 years of helping clients plan their retirement finances. It includes all of the categories retirees are faced with and it’s highly flexible.

My Book: The Portfolio Architect – 5 Keys To Design, Build, And Manage Your Ultimate Investment Plan

In my book: The Portfolio Architect – 5 Keys To Design, Build, and Manage Your Ultimate Investment Plan you’ll learn investment planning and strategy including how to create and manage your own investment portfolio like the professionals on Wall Stree do!

16 of the 111 Worst Retirement Planning Mistakes eBook

This FREE eBook has $271,099.37 in simple, actionable, retirement strategies

Best Mutual Fund Companies For 2020

This report “The Best Mutual Fund Companies” will show you how well your mutual funds rank compared to the rest. If you want to have the best investment performance, you should know who the best mutual fund companies to invest in are!

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