Is the recent stock market crash something to worry about?

This is my very first video blog post! No time like now to post information and commentary when the stock market(s) are acting quite irrational.

The thing to remember is the irrational behavior is actually… quite… normal!

The market is down about 7.5% so far this year. It’s down about 14% or so from the 52 week high. Investing in the stock market feels pretty painful right about now!

If you have about 8 minutes, give my thoughts a watch here:



Here’s the link I referenced – the reformed broker.

Please do me a favor, and if you enjoy the video share it with someone who needs a grounded perspective.

Bad markets are never fun to live through. They’re “palatable” for the astute long term investor who plans their investments off a great financial plan!

I can’t say where we go from here over the short term (long term is still solid, the world won’t end tomorrow). The fact is no one else can either!

If we need to review your financial plan ahead of our scheduled review time (which I always call my clients to remind them of) please give us a call!