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Can I Retire Yet?

Do you worry about:

  • How can I maximize Social Security benefits?
  • Should I get a reverse mortgage?
  • What happens to my loved ones if I die?
  • Should I convert my IRA’s to Roth, and how much?
  • Do I need long term care insurance?
  • Will I run out of money if I…?
  • Will I leave TOO MUCH MONEY behind when I die?
  • How do I create a retirement income paycheck?

Then you came to the right place! RetireWire is dedicated to bringing you financial and retirement planning tips, tools, tactics and strategies to help you retire rich and fearless!

Ready... SET... RETIRE!

How I Can Help You Achieve Financial Peace


1. How To Prepare For Retirement

The first step in preparing for retirement is getting ready by arming yourself with basic retirement, tax, estate, investing, credit, debt and insurance knowledge. These financial factors all play into step two—the retirement planning phase.


2. Can I Retire Yet?

The second step in preparing for retirement is getting set by building a comprehensive retirement plan using the knowledge you've gained. Ben Franklin once said "If you fail to plan, you're planning to fail!" This is the MOST important step.


3. Ready To Retire Now?

The third step in preparing for retirement is to "practice retirement" BEFORE you actually retire! It sounds weird I know, but practicing retirement will help ensure you're plan is solid . . . and I'll teach you how!


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My name is Greg Phelps, President of Redrock Wealth Management and publisher of RetireWire.

In my two decades plus career in financial services, I’ve seen first hand the stress and anxiety the decision to retire causes people. It’s easy to see why after all, because once you retire you can’t earn it again!