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beware of the Mortgage Accelerator Programs!

There are things outside of your control that make a mortgage accelerator program difficult to implement. Don’t bother trying this if you can’t stick to a budget and don’t have free positive cash flow each month.
Mortgage accelerator programs are expensive, oftentimes costing thousands of dollars. Many of them also want you to be a trainer, helping other people pay off their debts early which has an additional expense. There’s really no need to spend thousands and certainly not to become a trainer. That money would be better off paying down your debt than learning the nuances of the system I just broadly described.
Can a mortgage accelerator program work? Sure it can! But your ultimate financial benefits will vary greatly from the glowing testimonials they provide in their sales pitches. If things go against you (rates rise on your HELOC, you can’t stick to a budget, etc.) it’s not the company you just paid thousands of dollars to that is going to be left picking up the financial pieces . . . it’s YOU!

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