Dying broke is not an option! But neither is sacrificing quality of life.

Welcome to RetireWire!

RetireWire is a retirement blog focused on helping those of you “nearly retired” learn how to prepare for retirement. My job is to help you squeeze every last dime out of your finances . . .  AKA “money mastery”!

I cover current and pressing topics such as taxes, medical and healthcare costs, estate planning, insurance, investing, retirement planning, credit and debt management, and finally some “fun stuff” along the way!

I want to help you create both a memorable and purposeful retirement, and enjoy it with more “money confidence” than you’d ever thought possible! 

I’m the President of Redrock Wealth Management, a financial advisor firm in Las Vegas. In fact I originally started this retirement blog as “The RetireWire Blog by Redrock Wealth Management”. As the blog grew over time, I separated RetireWire from my financial planning practice’s website.

While many veteran financial industry authors contribute to RetireWire, I publish the majority of articles. I’ve been a financial planner for over 24 years and I’ve worked with investors of all types. My primary focus however, is retirement planning for those nearly retired or those who recently started enjoying retirement.

Prior to forming Redrock Wealth Management in 2005, I worked with two of the largest wealth management firms, Morgan Stanley and Goldman Sachs. I also served as a Regional Manager of Wealth Management at RSM McGladrey—one of the nations largest accounting firms. 

My career working for Wall Street gave me a growing disdain for the brokerage industry. In 2005 I ventured out on my own, creating one of the first fee-only fiduciary financial advisor firms in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Redrock was founded on the belief that my client’s trust is the most valuable asset, and more importantly that trust must be earned.

Over the last two decades, I’ve earned many prestigious designations and credentials in the financial services industry:


I’m a National Association of Personal Financial Advisors Registered Financial Advisor, and my firm Redrock Wealth Management is also the only CEFEX certified fee-only fiduciary advisor firm in Las Vegas.

If you have questions or need help with your retirement and financial planning, drop me a note here. Thanks for visiting RetireWire and please share my blog with friends and family!