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Your kids may have to pay your long term care costs

Last Updated:  March 6, 2015

Filial laws may put your kids on the hook for your long term care medical expenses

Nevada, like 28 other states, has filial support laws on the books. What is filial support? Well if you get sick and need healthcare which you can’t afford, filial support laws impose a duty on a third party – usually your adult kids – for the monies owed for medical expenses.

Basically, if you don’t have the money to cover your medical expenses your kids may be strapped with those very expenses after you die.

The question also applies to you supporting your elder parents. Did they properly prepare for medical costs late into life lasting 2 years or more? Did they save enough? Did they buy long term care policies? Or are YOU going to foot the bill for their final medical expenses?

Filial laws in some states can impose criminal sanctions such as fines, and even up to a year in prison (though I haven’t seen that happen). Most states only impose civil penalties, but the financial consequences can be devastating as you can imagine with healthcare costs on an aggressive track upwards.

Please seek out expert financial planning help. Make sure you can fund your own long term care expenses, or find some alternative way of covering them so your kids aren’t on the hook after you die.

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