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We’re Not As Big As We Think We Are

Last Updated:  May 14, 2015

The earth is tiny compared to the sun.

This is a pretty cool visual on the size of planets relative to each other. We’re pretty darn tiny in the grand scheme of things.

Click the pictures to go straight to the websites.


Even neater is where our galaxy – the Milky Way – ranks within the massive number of other galaxies out there.

Being the investment geek that I am, where Earth ranks and the Milky Way ranks in the infiniteness of it all is like one or two stocks out of the thousands of publicly traded companies.

Looking at how insignificant the Earth is relative to the Sun (and Antares, and the Milky Way, and Laniakea) reminds me of how foolish I was as a stock trader early in my career, thinking I could pick and choose, time and trade my way to financial success. I had my sights set on something that really didn’t matter much in the big picture, which undoubtedly cost me numerous opportunities!

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